Automated air delivery drones: Dream or reality?

Online retailer Amazon hopes to have mini drones delivering packages to customers in just 30 minutes, its chief executive, Jeff Bezos has claimed. The mini drones are powered by electric motors and it is hoped they could cover areas within a 10-mile radius of distribution centres, allowing Amazon to cover areas faster at a lower cost.

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Experiences from the Web Summit 2013

One of the most anticipated tech events in Europe is the Web Summit. Ireland has been a host to this big event, attracting startups, engineers, media and investors from all over the world, while Dublin is flooded with excited geeks looking to exhibit their products and of course network.

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Greek Startups explained (donut style)

Some time ago, an interesting infographic explaining social media went viral. It was not the first attempt to explain the differences between various social media, yet it was the first ever to introduce a new concept: donuts!

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The search for rewards stimulates human motives

As Nir Eyal (founder of two startups and an advisor to several Bay Area companies and incubators) mentions in TechCrunch, companies reinforce a customer’s behavior by linking to the promise of reward. Not only that, but in order to survive the competition nowadays, they are building entire desire engines.
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New Study Shows Reward-Based Mobile Advertising Improves Brand Engagement and Loyalty With Consumers

Mobile consumers are more receptive when brands offer value in exchange for their time. The study, conducted by Millward Brown,is a continuation of Millward Brown’s 2012 U.S. AdReaction Report: Marketing in the Mobile World.
The AdReaction study found that although favorability toward mobile advertising was, on average, low, brands have the opportunity to break through by offering more tangible value in their marketing content. To explore this further, SessionM partnered with Millward Brown to study, in depth, the role of value and rewards in mobile advertising.